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Also, check out Richard's book of original tunes at the bottom of the page!

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Audio samples marked * are composed by Richard Wood.

Richard Wood

A Change of Reasons

(2009)  A collection of fiddle tunes performed with unbridled passion and boundless energy by Richard Wood and friends. Two disc set!

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Richard Wood


(2004)  East Coast Music Award winner!  “ The music, it gets you , it gets in you, ya know!” - Winston Scotty Fitzgerald

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Richard Wood

Come Dance With Me

(1999)  "Come Dance With Me" was Richard Wood's fifth album.

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Richard Wood

Fire Dance

(1997)  Recorded between European tours and several concert dates, this album won two East Coast Music Awards!  more »

Richard Wood

TheCeltic Touch

(1995)   I was inspired to compose the title track while in Scotland, traveling through the countryside."  more »


Richard Wood

All Fired Up!

(1993)   This album was recorded a couple of years after releasing his first cassette recording "Cutting The Bow."  more »


Richard Wood

Music Book

Richard's collection of sheet music

Tune list:  click here

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