Richard Wood - All Fired Up

 The cover of "All Fired Up" has the fiddle set in velvet, showing how precious the instrument is to Richard Wood. This album was recorded a couple of years after releasing his first cassette recording "Cutting The Bow."


The album shows the passion for the Celtic music and the release of high energy this young man possesses. The thought in mind when arranging the compositions on this album was to take his listening audience on a journey full of life and to make you want to get up and dance. With each new recording, Richard gives his followers new and fresh numbers of his own composition which are starting to get very popular with other musicians and his audience.



1 - (3:24)     Flowers of Edinburgh - Reel, Traditional
Trip to Windsor - Reel, Dan R. MacDonald
Ste. Ann's - Reel, Traditional
2 - (5:15)     Ferry - Jig, Traditional
River Band - Jig, Dan R. MacDonald
Traditional - Jig, Traditional
Paddy in London - Jig, Traditional
George MacPhee's - Jig, Traditional
3 - (3:58)     Lady Caroline Montague - March, Nath Gow
Lady Loudon - Strath, Wm. Gow
Reel - Reel, Traditional
Blind Nora O'Neil - Reel, Traditional
Miss Taylor - Reel, Traditional
4 - (2:55)     Flowers of Hope - Waltz, Richard Wood
5 - (4:12)     Fram Apon Him - Jig, Traditional
Miss Catherine Ann Lamey's - Jig, Dan R. MacDonald
Charlie Hunter's - Jig, Booby McLeod
Peggy's - Jig, Mike McDougal
6 - (6:03)     Highland - March, Richard Wood
Dick and Marlene Cardiff's - Reel, Richard Wood
Daryl Poirier's - Reel, Richard Wood
Allan McKinnon's - Reel, Richard Wood
Bud and Anne Watson's - Reel, Richard Wood
7 - (6:22)     Joey and Angela Beaton's - March, Howie MacDonald
Mrs. MacAuley's - Reel, Traditional
Eric McEwen's - Reel, Richard Wood
Carigoim - Reel, Traditional
Traditional - Reel, Traditional
8 - (2:48)     Clan Munro - Strathspey, Traditional
Frank Sutherland's - Reel, Traditional
Marquis of Huntley - Reel, Traditional
9 - (3:14)     Treviot Bridge - Jig, Traditional
Stool of Repentance - Jig, Traditional
John Allan's - Jig, Traditional
10 - (3:02)     The Awl Man - Reel, Traditional
Castle - Hornpipe, Traditional
The Ice Man's - Reel, Richard Wood
11 - (2:55)     Sea Sound - Waltz, Richard Wood
12 - (3:36)     Vendome Clog - Clog, Traditional
Earl Marischal's - Reel, Traditional
The Fisher's Wedding - Reel, Traditional
Howie MacDonald's - Reel, Richard Wood
13 - (6:47     Lament for Glencoe - Lament, Traditional
The Cape Breton Symphony's - Strathspey, Jerry Holland
Miss Susan Cooper - Reel, Ronald Cooper
Grant's - Reel, Traditional
The Four Stroke - Reel, Phil Cunningham



Richard Wood - Fiddle, Piano [Cuts 2(A), 2(B), 4(B)]
Skip Holmes - Guitar, Bass, Banjo
Kimberley Holmes - Piano
Don Chapman - Drums


Produced by Richard Wood, Skip Holmes & Kimberley Holmes
Recording Engineer - Harold Tsistinas
Recorded and Mixed at Solar Audio, Halifax, N.S.
Photography by - Wayne Barrett, New Haven, P.E.I.
CD Design & Layout - TechnoMedia Inc., Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Manufactured by - Music manufacturing Services, Mowat Avenue, Toronto, Ont.


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